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Monday, February 25, 2013

2012 MFG#5 - Starbucks GP

Time to hit Marymoor for the 2nd time this year.  I was a little more exited to race after coming of an good performance at Magnuson.  It looked like we were going to finally get a real, NW style CX race. We were going to have are first, real rain soaked mud fest of the season!

It was pouring when I arrived at 10:30.  I was glad to have the RV for this one.  That would end up being the only good thing going for me.

The race started out just fine.  I got a good start and was on the heals of the race favorites and I ended up having an error free race during the first couple of laps, getting through the off camber, tight turns on the outside of the velodrome with no issues.  To the suggestion of my teammate Matt, I had switched out my tires to a more aggressive mud tread and it really proved to be a smart move.

Half way through the race it was I think there were three guys off the front but at top five finish was still very attainable.  I had made no real mistakes and in liking the course.  I reached the section on the back side of the velodrome where the course weaves up and down on the hill.  I came up a short climb and into a super tight turn that heads back downhill.  I made the corner and looked up to see a guy completely sprawled out on the course.  There was no way I was going to avoid hitting something.  I opted to take a path that would take me over his bike and not him.  I gathered and did a bunny-hop to try to clear his bike but landed just short.   Wow!   I actually made it through with out going down.  I slammed on the brakes and just made the next tight turn without busting through the tape.  I started to hit the gas and that is when I noticed that my rear tire was completely flat.  Shit,  I picked up my bike and started we go again.  I had a long way to get to the pits but I was ready to make the trek.  I was now probably going to end up DFL but I really wanted to finished.  I rounded the next tight turn and could see that the guy on the ground was not getting up.  He was right in the middle of the course and I started worrying that he was going to get drilled by someone.  I slowed my jog for a sec and then stopped.  I threw my bike off the course and ran back to see if he was OK.  Another racer had stopped and we got someone to run and get help.  I stood on the course and made sure the racers avoided him.  After a few minutes we were able to get him off the course and help was by his side.  It turned out to be Parker from Mafia and I heard that he actually broke his back. 

I took the long slow walk back to the RV and changed out of my wet clothes.  Another disappointing race.  I was able to make it to the finish just in time to see my teammate Matt take the win!! 

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