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Thursday, August 29, 2013

2013 Joe Matava Crit

It's the Fourth of July and what's that mean?   No, not fireworks. (at least the kind you're thinking of)  It's time for the local speed freaks to drop in on downtown Burien for the annual Joe Matava Crit.  Once again I had a plan to double up and race the Masters 1/2/3 race in the morning and the Pro/1/2 race later in the afternoon.  It was supposed to be another day in the mid 80's but as I drove by SeaTac at 8:30 is was f'ing raining.  It was still raining while we were warming up but finally stopped and dried up before we got underway.

Masters 1/2/3 Crit:
As we rolled to the line I was surprised by the size of the field.  There were 60 lined up and many, like me, were planning on racing the Pro/1/2 race later on.  This was going to be a barn burner.  We had another strong group so we planned on doing the same old, same old.  We were not going to sit around and wait for things to develop.  We attacked right from the gun and helped to keep things rolling at a fast pace.  It was fast but not that exciting early on.  By the time the lap board went up   no break had got clear so it was time to think about a mass sprint finish.  It was gang fight at the front of the pack and on the last lap we were looking good.  Mark flew up from mid pack and dragged Chad and me with him.  Andrew and Mike from Bikesale were moving up as well.   As the speed continued to ramp up on the backside of the course someone touched a wheel and went down.  It was behind us so we were still able to hold our line and speed.  Then, as we flew through corner three for the last time Travis (Apex) started to slide out right next to me. He hit the deck and was sliding right towards me. I had to swing out to the right and was able to avoid hitting him but I lost all my momentum.  Some guys weren't so lucky and plowed right  into Travis and went down.  Andrew had a great lead out for Mike who took the win.  Chad and I settled for 7th and 8th and were mainly happy to still be in one piece.  Time to rest up and get ready for round two.
here is a video of the last few laps form a cam attached to Andrew Martin's bike.
Masters 1/2/3 Crit

Pro/1/2 Crit:
Not sure why I keep deciding to subject myself to this.  I doubled up here that last tow years and thinkgs didn't go so well.  No excuses but sitting around in the hot sun between races doesn't seem to do much for me.  Anywho.....
There was another large field and the marine layer still hadn't let loose yet so it was still really comfortable out.  My only goal (which is a shitty one) was to just finish.  Off we go.  The first 20 minutes sucked.  My hamstrings were tight and I couldn't get into a groove.  Here we go again.....Not so fast. (Well it was fast). 
After 20 minutes I started to feel better and now all I had to do was last another 40 minutes.  All you need to know for this race was that HSP was going to get their train going early to try....I mean to lead Richter out for the win.  Everyone knows it but no has been able to do much about it lately.  My teammates Lang and Kyle tried to get off the front a few times but nothing held.  With six to go I was right at the front and feeling good.  That was when the train started and it was time to try to hitch a ride.  Staying at the front was not easy and over the next few laps I drifted from 6th wheel back to 20th and back up in seconds.  When the last lap started I was still right near the front but that ended on the backside of the course.  I knocked a few elbows and had someone slam into my rear wheel and by corner three I eased off some.  I was far enough up to see Richter fly across the line in first....again and I was happy to finish in the upper third of the pack.  Mission accomplished.  Time to get ready for real fireworks and cold beer.

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