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Friday, August 30, 2013

2013 Georgetown Crit

The minute this race was announced I thought,  "Hmmmmm, where the hell would KR put a race on in Georgetown?"  I've been to G-Town plenty of times and I couldn't remember a road that wasn't completely chewed up or cris-crossed with old railroad tracks.  At some point we saw a map of the course and I kept wanted to ride down and check it out but never did.....until the Thursday before the race.  HOLY SHIT....literally.  The course was riddled with HUGE potholes, tons of gravel, super wide seems and a bunch of old RV's along the course that people were living in.   There was no f'ing way I was racing on that course.

Ian(KR) sent out an email saying the city was suppose to work on the road surface but never did.  He and his crew personally went down and worked on it (I saw the blisters on his hands), filling in holes, sweeping the course, getting rid of the RV's and taping over all the seems that could suck up a wheel.  He sent out an email saying that it was good to go.  OK, dammit, now I have to show up to see what they did.  The other reason was because they worked with Georgetown Brewing and set up a beer garden on the G-Town Brewing Property right near the finish line.  I was going to be happy whether I raced or not.

I showed up and took a few laps.  Not, bad....Not bad at all.  I decided to pay the man and race.  Tom was the only teammate racing with me and we decided to attack and see what happened.  Tom went with some early breaks with KR and Alki and the pace was high from the get go.  When Tom came back, I went.  Both of us got off the front either solo or with others several times but nothing was sticking.  I got in one with Doug(Audi) and Ron(KR) that I thought had a chance but with three laps to go we were all together.  I was feeling good and as we were coming into corner 4 before the last lap I decided to hit it hard.......Apparently a little too hard as my aggressive angle caused me to clip a pedal which bounced my rear wheel and caused my tubie to roll off.  I almost hit the deck but somehow managed to stay upright.   I don't think I've ever pulled a bonehead move like that and was super happy to not caused a wreck.  Either way I was done.  Luckily we had a small little break going and I was able to slowly roll through the final lap and finish 10th.  It was not the way I wanted to finish the crit season but at least the beer was flowing at the G-Town Brewing beer garden.

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