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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pacific Raceways 4/7 - First win fo the season!!!

I finally got the 2009 monkey off my back. After having two DNF's in four starts due to flats I was a little bummed.
I started doing a road race series down at Pacific Raceways in Kent every Tuesday night. It's on a 2.5 oval course that they change up each week. Sometimes they have an off-shoot with a hill sometimes they reverse the direction, etc. Anyway, Last week I raced in the cold and we had 48 racers. I was positioned perfectly at the finish but got on the wrong wheel and finished 6th.
Yesterday it was 70 degrees and it brought out all the dorks. We had 75 racers in out field and it was crazy as I think a lot of them were out of shape and hadn't raced since last year. Anywho, I was feeling strong and my teammates were not so I had to do the Robbie McEwen and figure out whose wheel to poach. Last week I tried to win ther prim laps but came up short. (now points for 2nd). Your body is trashed after each sprint lap and it takes a couple of laps to fully recover. This week I decided not to try to win those laps. I mainly sat in the middle but would move up every so often to keep my legs fresh. The pace this week was pretty crazy and a lot of people "blew up" half way through the race.
Coming down the backstretch of the final lap I was sitting 5th wheel and three of the other four with me were from the same team. They knew I wasn't going to do any work for them and I just sat there and let them hammer. With about 60 meters to go I jumped and was waiting for the dudes with the "Big Pistons" to fly by me like last week. With about 10 meters to go I couldn't see anyone in my peripheral so even though I was maxed I put my head down and low an behold, I won the frickin' thing. It was my first win in three years. The spotters at the finish said I won going away. The coolest thing was that out of the blue Denise decided to drive over after work to watch. I had no idea. It was cool to win with her watching.

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