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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mason Lake 3 Road Race

March 21st

It was a perfect day for racing considering it was still March and how nasty it was the week before. I think the nice weather got the bikes out of the garage as we had 75 in our field. We had seven guys racing the Masters C/D. Mitch, Mark S., Peter, Dave C., Mike B., Dave M., and myself were all ready to go. I didn't want to be in the back of this big pack on such narrow roads as with no hills there is not a lot of chances to move up. After the roll out I sprinted to the front and stayed there for the whole race. It was a pretty uneventful race I must say. No breaks got away but the pace was pretty fast. With about 1K to go I did something stupid and found leading out a pack of 60 plus guys. I didn't want to be there but no one would give way even when I weeved over and slowed down. I looked back and saw that all our guys were up front so I decided to put the hammer down and just be that lead out guy. With 200m no one made a move as we started to make the climb. With 60M I was still out there and just about maxed. With 10M I blew up and with in a second I went from 1st wheel to 32. I think almost 60 guys finished in that lead group. Mitch ended up 10th and Dave 14th, which wasn't bad since ther was really no place to make a real move unless you were right in front. I was pretty happy with the work I did and happy that everyone on our team finished up towards the front. See you at Independence Valley.

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